Contact Information

Name: Peter Wocken
Twitter:  @PeterWocken  /  @GameElements1


About Me

I am a full time freelance Game Graphic Designer.  I have a decade of experience working in the art and design field with such notable companies as Plaid Hat Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Floodgate Games, a bunch of other companies with the word Game(s) in the title, Best Buy, and Polaris. I was professionally trained at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) with a BFA in Illustration.

I have spent the last few years honing my craft of game marketing and graphic design, working on licenses such as BioShock Infinite, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Gallactica, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, StarCraft and many others.

I keep a strong pulse on the gaming and technology industry via the latest blogs and podcasts from some of the best in the field.  I love learning new things whether it be about a new game release, the fifth way to do something in photoshop, or new trends that are shaping the digital and board gaming industries.

I love game graphic design and enjoy creating graphics, which not only look good, but are intuitive to the player.  I stopped counting the number of games I’ve played, it’s a lot.  What can I say, I’m a geek, with no apologies.  I love what I do and am always excited to hear about new projects.

I’ve been exploring the blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) a lot since the beginning of 2021 and have a number of exciting projects that I’m working on in that space as well!

Around The Web

Here are some links to interviews, articles, podcasts, and other various times that I’ve shown up around the net.


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Ding and Dent – Dinosaur Island Interview [22 Mar 2017]
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Greenhook Games – Interview [05 Oct 2016]
Many of the artists that I have interviewed are more illustrators than graphic designers (even if that distinction is a fluid line) I would say that the man from Minneapolis, MN…

Epic Game Night – Podcast 32 Graphic Design with Peter Wocken [09 Dec 2015]
Talk with Peter Wocken about graphic design…

iSlaytheDragon – Artist’s Valley: Peter Wocken [01 Apr 2015]
Graphic Designer Peter Wocken agreed to “sit down” with iSlaytheDragon to discuss his work and career and the board gaming hobby.  While he has a traditional art background, he is now purely a graphic artist/designer – as he explains the difference in our interview – and provides another interesting take on tabletop gaming, illustrations and graphics…

The Minister of Board Games – #BoardGamersAsk Peter Wocken [23 Aug 2014]
We were lucky enough to have a world class board game graphic designer @PeterWocken answer questions for @BoardGamersAsk and here are his answers…

The Esoteric Order of Gamers – An Interview With Plaid Hat Games [14 Sep 2013]
Armed only with a Barnstormer RPG, a Paddywacker hand cannon and some inspiring rhetoric, The Esoteric Order of Gamers managed to round up the creative trio behind Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of ColumbiaColby Dauch, head of Plaid Hat Games, Isaac Vega, designer of BI:SoC and City of Remnants, and Peter Wocken, Plaid Hat’s graphic designer… – Professional Profile
Generally the most up to date version of what projects I’m currently working on.

Plaid Hat Podcast

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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 95 – Games as Art
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 108 – Marketing
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Plaid Hat Games – Episode 112 – Dead of Winter
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 113 – Delegating Tasks
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 117 – Who Buys the Games?
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 123 – Ritual
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 124 – Fan Creativity
The guys talk about their own brands of fan creativity and the board game community.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 128 – Topic Popcorn
Bistro, Jerry, Peter, and Alex talk about some mini topics including Language Neutrality in games, Pre-Painted Minis, The Great Game Desinger Paradox, and Bistro’s Gripes and Grousing.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 134 – The Legacy Game – Elsewhere?
James, Brian, and Peter join us to talk about what Legacy format might do for some big box store games.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 141 – What is a Game?
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 153 – Themes that Sell
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 158 – Maintaining Hype
Colby, Bistro, and Peter join us to answer an email from the most important voice in hobby gaming! What voice? You’ll have to listen!

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 162 – Game Design Challenges
Isaac, Peter, Jerry, and Alex talk about current design challenge. A lot of good time spent on visual styles and graphic design in this one!

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 165 – Topic Popcorn
Isaac, Colby, and Peter talk about some mini topics including Relationships in Gaming, Symbol use in design, and Storage of component heavy games.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 169 – Game Design Challenges
Peter, Jerry, and Isaac talk about some of the tough stuff they’re working on!

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 173 – Game Design Challenges
Colby, Isaac, Jerry, and Peter talk about the challenges in their current designs.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 182 – Poppin some Popcorn Topics
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 184 – Gencon 2015 Recap
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Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 189 – Ethics in Gaming
Nate hosts while Bistro, Peter, and Alex join in to talk about ethics in games. A doug submitted topic.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 194 – BGG Con Recap
Alex chats with Peter and Keith about their experience at BGG con 2015. Alex is pretty messed up on cold medicine for the duration. It’s a thing.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 195 – Games for Gifting
Isaac, Peter, Cory, and Alex talk about games that they would give if money were no object, and some to give that are more realistic.

Plaid Hat Podcast – Episode 201 – Fun Doug Questions
Alex, Colby, Isaac, and Peter join up to answer some suggestions from listeners